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    Job Recruitment
    We warmly welcome you to join, if you are interested in the position, please send your resume to: hr@hzfb.com, Tel: 0571-22801120.
    Talent Introduction
    HZF actively widen the channel of talent introduction, taking" the two walked-into, multi-channel" ways.Walked-into various senior talent market, attract various talents for HZF required; walked-into many institutions of higher learning, sign cultivating & introducting talents agreement, negotiate and communicate with talents for two-way choices, solved the source talents problem of the development of HZF.In addition,HZF has other ways such as through the international cooperation, the headhunting company, set up web sites and other channels to attract talents.
    Talent Ideas
    "Dare to Exploitation, Brave in Creation, Good at Improvement, and loyal to Commitment".
    Talent Training
    HZF is focus on talent trainning, establish long-term cooperative relationship with National well-known Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Industry University and other institutions of higher learning. To cultivate and train professional design talents and form its own core design strength.